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During its existence for ten years the company "Echmiadzin Kat" has adopted a policy, which is led by the most humanistic call "Therefore, whatever you want to do to you do also to them" (Matthew 7:2). It means that workers must do everything for the customer so, as they want others to do for themselves. This motto is used by the company at any step; let it be production process, service or economic competitiveness.

The company produced peculiar bunch of cultured milk foods: milk, matsoun (made from cow and buffalo milk), tan, five kinds of sour cream, curds, sieved matsoun as well as "live" fruit mousse with taste of strawberry, sour cherry, peach, raspberry and blackberry. Each of these [products is an excellent combination of usefulness and taste. For everyday use of its products, particularly on festive tables, the company offers small nice barrels made of natural materials, such as bronze and wood where you can put polyethylene pots with various milk foods.

These handmade barrels remind us of those bucket which have been used for draining cows since old times. In the technically developed 21st century one feels necessity to return to nature. On this purpose people decorate their tables with clay pots, which have come out of usage for hundreds of years. It has happened not by anybody's will. These pots have been replaced by more hygienic materials. The company has solved this serious problem judging from the viewpoint of harmonic compromise. A disposable cup is undoubtedly hygienic as compared with a clay pot. By its appearance it gives way to the clay one. Since ancient times, wood as well as clay have always been an inseparable part of everyday life. According to the law on harmonic compromise, we cover the appearance of modern material with wood, at the same time using hygiene of disposable cup.

The synthesis of two materials has a privilege over clay pots. Small handmade wooden barrels pass whole warmth and love of human spirit to you. Metallic details and the emblem of the company, which is subtly embellished with jeweler's enamel, give the barrel a royal look. Every time you put sour cream or lapper-milk in the barrel and, having used it, throw it away. Years pass, but you can still decorate your table with your favorite barrel because it still remains fresh. The wood is old and beautiful, but the milk product in it is packed hermetically with the help of modern equipment.

This idea of the company is registered in the Department of Inventions of RA Government and the barrel is patented.